First Idealism Summit

All talks are in Caldwell Hall Room 213

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

attendance via Zoom will be made availble 

to those who are registered

Friday April 12:

2 pm Welcome

2:15 - 3:30: Helen Yetter-Chappell (University of Miami) : “Idealism and the Best of All (Subjectively Indistinguishable) Possible Worlds”

3:30 - 4:45: Robert Smithson (UNC Wilmington): “Phenomenal construction”

4:45-5 Break

5-615: Keynote: Michael Pelczar (National University of Singapore): “Three Roads to Idealism”

Saturday, April 13:

10-11:15: Jade Hadley (University of British Columbia): “'Linguistic Idealism: Facts, Reality and Representation”

11:15-12:30: James Levine (Trinity College, Dublin): “Idealism and Quantification”

12:30-2 Lunch break

2-3-15:  Paul McKarris (Università della Svizzera italiana): “From physics to Idealism”

3:15-4:30: James Kinkaid (Bilkent University): “Neo-Husserlian Idealism”

4:30-4:45 break

4:45-6: Nick Stang (University of Toronto): “Critical Idealism as Meta–metaphysics”